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Aero Data Services  announces the latest release of


the newest, easiest to use,  and least expensive tool for DOT airline passenger data analysis. It is designed for use by non-technical researchers and provides an easy-to-use tool for the analysis of DOT passenger and revenue data. aeroMETRICS brings full access to the power of DOT passenger data to smaller airports, researchers, consultants, and planners.

aeroMETRICS provides:

  • Access to DOT passenger data is an easy-to-use format
  • The LOWEST cost access to the DOT data
  • A simple to learn and easy to use web page
  • Flexible data search capabilities
  • Full subscription or one-time use payment plans

Full access Service Agreements start as low as $495.00 per month!


Aero Data Service Inc. information contained herein is based on DOT data in the DB1B file and the T-100 file. This data is historical and is based on the information provided by the U.S. scheduled airlines and may include inaccuracies due to misreporting.

Due to sampling errors, the DOT data may not match the actual enplaned and deplaned data as reported by individual U.S. airports.

Aero Data Service Inc. has estimated net revenue on the DB1B report based on a mathematical model adjusting for taxes, fees, and passenger facility charges. This estimated net revenue has been checked against other sources.. All other data is actual DOT data or computed from actual DOT data.

Aero Data Services Inc. recognizes the inherent shortfalls of the DOT data source and does not take any responsibility for any use or application of this data or information.

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