DB1B Report Example

O&D Analysis:

The Airline Origin and Destination Survey, sometimes referred to as the DB1B report or as the Origin and Destination report, analyzes where passengers are coming from and where they are going to.  The important key fact to understand about the DB1B report is that it is a “Point A to Point B” report.  For example, if you run a DB1B report for LAX to DFW, it will find every passenger who started at LAX and ended up at DFW.  It does not matter whether a passenger was on a direct flight or made many stops.  DB1B is only concerned with how many total passengers started at Point A and ended up at Point B.

This analysis is available in two different formats.

The Specific Markets report allow you to specify which airports you would like to analyze.

The Top Markets report will pull the data for the top 10, 25, 50, or even All markets for a given airport.

DB1B Specific Markets Report Sample :

Report Results

DB1B Top 10 Markets Report Sample:

Report Results